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Led by our founder Roy Goldstein, and based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, SERPstorm is a certified Shopify Partner. We specialize in increasing search engine visibility and profits for Shopify stores using strategies backed by data science.


We Know What Works

The SERPstorm team is famously passionate about algorithms and SEO tricks that generate real results. Our commitment to providing the highest level of quality SEO and marketing has seen us grow over the last 2 years we’ve been in business. 

Because SEO is extremely volatile in the sense that every situation is unique, demanding custom solutions, we spend a great deal of time tinkering with the ins and outs of effective website ranking. We read about the ever-changing tricks and trends, stay up to date with algorithm updates, and remain ahead of the curve.

Leading with proper communication and service, we make it a mission to balance our work with client updates and timeliness. We work around the clock to deliver projects on time, every time.

But it’s our approach to marketing that truly sets us apart from other traditional SEO and marketing companies. While we focus on Google ranking for client websites like any other competitor, we also offer exceptional user experience. When the traffic starts pouring in, you can rest assured your site’s friendly user experience will keep customers engaged and coming back for more.

Custom SEO Strategizing, Every Time

It’s common for SEO companies to form a few strategic plan options, and then force that mold on clients. These companies aren’t taking the time to understand the nuances and factors that make each and every situation unique, which means clients aren’t getting the attention they deserve. With SERPstorm, you’re guaranteed a custom plan, designed based on your specific case, so your results are the best possible.

We’re Not Going Anywhere

SEO is our passion, so we look forward to handling it on a daily basis. It’s rewarding work, helping companies grow and see the traffic and revenue they struggled to obtain by themselves. 

Because we know our purpose, and what it looks like to have a community of happy clients, we consistently push ourselves to deliver top-results on a daily basis. By working with our clients, keeping the door of communication at all times, and truly studying each case on its own, we’re setting the stage for many years to come.

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Every Shopify store deserves to be audited. Your Shopify store is the backbone of your business and brand. Ensuring all SEO efforts have been made on your store starts with an audit. Get Free foundational audit today and consider upgrading your audit to a full 4 phase audit to see the full SEO potential of your Shopify store.

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