Services To Increase Your Shopify Sales.

Our services increase the organic traffic to your store and help optimize your existing content to generate more sales. We accommodate budgets of any size. 

SEO & Tracking

Increase your organic presence on search engines. Drive converting traffic to your site and track the results to double down on what’s working.

Shopify SEO audit

Starting at $0

Gain insight into the current state of your Shopify store’s SEO. You’ll see what you’re doing right, what you can improve on, and you can beat your competitors in the SERP’s. (Search Engine Results Pages)

Shopify SEO Complete Optimization

Starting at $1,995

Bring in more organic traffic by overhauling your entire Shopify site’s SEO criteria. All of the issues discovered in the initial SEO audit will be addressed to maximize your SEO score.

Google Analytics Setup

Starting at $195

Setup Google Analytics to optimize your store for more sales in the future. Google Anlaytics provides much more granular metrics on customer behavior than standard Shopfiy analytics

Search Console Setup

Starting at $195

Setting up Google Search Console sheds light on click-through-rates, glaring issues, and even average position for queries you currently rank for. By setting this up, you avoid Google penalties, poorly optimized copy, slow loading times, and just about everything else that negatively impacts your ranking.

Content Strategy

Starting at $995

With SERPstorm, we’ll ensure you have a content strategy that covers you for the next few months. Paired with strategically selected keywords, SEO titles, and meta descriptions, you’ll be in good hands.

Site Structure Optimization

Starting at $495

Your Shopify Site Structure tells Google which of your pages are the most valuable in terms of content and intention. This means if you want to rank highly for several keywords, your site structure needs to be properly built. Shaky structures won’t perform well once your website begins to scale.