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Google Search Console Setup For Shopify

Google Search Console provides an in-depth look at your daily Shopify store traffic via Google search.

The broad data view allows us to optimize your store, boosting traffic and conversions. 

Don’t have Google Search Console? No worries, we’ll install and configure it.

Why Google Search Console?

Sure, you have default metric tracking, provided by Shopify, but that’s surface-level. Setting up Google Search Console sheds light on click-through-rates, glaring issues, and even average position for queries you currently rank for. By setting this up, you avoid Google penalties, poorly optimized copy, slow loading times, and just about everything else that negatively impacts your ranking.

What Happens If I Don’t Set It Up?

Not setting up Google Search Console opens you up to a world of mistakes. You won’t have the key information needed to make better optimization decisions.

You’ll also have a harder time getting crawled by Google, since you have to submit your sitemap if you want the right version of your site to be indexed and accounted for. 

The Most Valuable SEO Tool Ever

Google Search Console offers invaluable data, enabling website owners to adjust and pivot accordingly. By giving them the power to make their own informed decisions, it’s made it easier to rank higher than ever before. 

Every 30 days, we’ll benchmark your site’s performance, make necessary changes, and keep an eye on the impact those adaptations have on your overall performance.

The Setup Process

Feeling too busy these days? No worries, all we need is your Shopify login. Setting up Search Engine Console takes a day at most, and requires 24 hours before any notifications are sent from Google letting us know if there are any issues with your website in need of immediate repair.


Setup Search Console On Shopify

We’ll verify your domain by adding some records to your hosting. If you host through Shopify, you’re set, otherwise we’ll need to login to your domain host.

Submit Shopify Sitemap to Google

Shopify auto-generates a sitemap so Google can understand the website. We’ll make sure it’s the right one, so Google gets the most recent version of your site.

Wait For The Data To Come In

After setting up Search Engine Console on Shopify and submitting your sitemap to Google, we wait for the data to come in (14-30 days). 

Your Metrics Don’t Lie

Your site may have issues preventing it from ranking highly in Google and you would never know without have Google Search Console setup. It’s an invaluable tool that you can setup on your site that will give you powerful analytics that the default Shopify analytics simply cannot compete with. Do your business a favor and let us professionally set up Google Search Console on your Shopify store today.

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