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Shopify Google Analytics Setup

SERPstorm sets up your Google Analytics, configuring everything so you have accurate, valuable insight on your traffic’s behavior, goal conversion, and overall site performance.

Google Analytics & Shopify, United At Last

Without Google Analytics, you can’t collect Shopify store data. You’ll need goal tracking if you want to ensure your funnel is performing adequately.

Otherwise, you might be unaware of any major problems, such as the loss of potential sales or funnel bottleneck.

Get Valuable Insight With Every Sales Funnel Stage

Shopify analytics provides a very surface-level overview of performance, oftentimes too minimal to really dictate major changes.

That’s why we set up Google Analytics Goal Tracking, as well as Enhanced Link Tracking. This way, you get a full metric setup of your Shopify store vitals.

Google Analytics, the Starting Point

Before we can set up and configure Google Analytics on your Shopify site, we need to check if your store has analytics setup already. If you do, we’ll look things over to ensure you’re tracking goals and other important metrics. 

If you don’t have it setup, we’ll install and configure it for you, so you’re tracking everything vital. Then we’ll look things over the course of 30, 60, and 90 days. Once we feel like we have enough data to go on, we’ll begin optimizing things based on facts, not guesses.

The Analytics Setup

If your site structure is flawed, according to our initial audit results, we’ll take measures to repair your website by implementing some, or all of the following…

Install Analytics Code

The first state in the Google Analytics setup process. We install the tracking code on your Shopify site, and ensure there isn’t a default code complicating your metrics.

Setup Filters and Groups

Once we’ve installed your code, we configure filters and groups on analytics to get in-depth, specific tracking.

Goal Setup

Having an evenly distributed amount of content and products across a few categories is important for SEO. We’ll make sure you achieve balanced categorization, to prevent any SEO decline.

Don’t Leave Money On the Table…

If six months go by and you still don’t setup Google Analytics, you start losing money — regardless of performance.

That’s because Google Analytics provides valuable metrics Shopify default analytics tools simply don’t. 

Unless you like losing money, it’s in your best interest to install and configure Google Analytics on your Shopify store.

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