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Shopify store keyword research is absolutely critical if your goal is to ensure the pages, products, and posts on your site perform well on Google. We offer a comprehensive keyword research strategy service to discover the best ways to optimize keywords across your store. This improves your ranking for existing keywords, and enables you to rank for new ones based on niche difficulty.

Why Is Keyword Research For Shopify Important?

The tools of the trade are used by experts and newbies far and wide. You don’t need special skills to use Google Analytics or to conduct keyword research. However, not everyone can formulate strategies that increase traffic and conversions. When handled by experts, your keyword research gets elevated, passing a series of tests based on current website stats.

What About Product Research? 

We organize niche-dictated, meticulously selected keywords into 4 categories. Each one pertains to a different part of your sales funnel. From there, we create a keyword strategy that targets every phase of the funnel, maximizing product visibility on Google.

The Time Is Now

If you’re adding a new product to your store, you need to conduct keyword research. 

If you frequently add new products, we’ll provide an easy, step-by-step guide so you know what to do moving forward. We’ll even add in titles, descriptions, SEO titles, and meta descriptions you can pull straight from the worksheet.

No Worries, We Fix Keywords

We benchmark your pages using data from Google Search Console, then we use that information to optimize your pages.

If you don’t have Google Search Console data, we research new keywords customized to your site’s authority level and niche.


Benchmark Search Console Data

Benchmarking your existing data from the last 90 days allows us to see your top 20-24 top performing pages. From there, we’ll benchmark the main queries that page is ranking for.

Conduct Keyword Research

Our rigorous process is flexible, adapting to your specific niche based on Shopify data. We craft a list of keywords that generates highly-targeted traffic, and boosts conversion rates.

Implement Keyword Changes

After we analyze your Shopify store metrics and create your niche keywords, we focus on implementing keyword changes site-wide. Ranking results follow soon after.


Keyword Research Is Best Conducted By Experts

Unsure about the kinds of keywords and content you need to rank? While anyone can use these tools freely, to varying levels of success, it takes an expert to guarantee noticeable, sustainable results and best practices. With SERPstorm, we’ll ensure you have a content strategy that covers you for the next few months. Paired with strategically selected keywords, SEO titles, and meta descriptions, you’ll be in good hands.

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