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Complete Shopify SEO Audits

It all starts with a benchmark. Knowing where you are now helps us pinpoint the steps needed to get you ranking high on Google. This means checking on several SEO related factors, and grading you on each one. By the end, we’ll know exactly how to improve your site.

Why Does My Shopify Store Need An Audit?

Your store could be doing great… or not. Whatever the case, an audit always uncovers a host of problems and missed opportunities that keep your site from ranking higher on search results. That means if your site is currently making $10k per month, we can get you an extra 20% in monthly revenue. And it all starts with a simple audit.

Shopify SEO Audit

Step 1 – Performing A Free Foundational SEO Audit

Shopify SEO On-Page Audit

This foundational audit covers “on-page” issues, such as checking the robots.txt, and sitemap.xml to ensure search engines are able to crawl the website. We also ensure there’s no insecure content indexed in search engines.

Shopify Site Architecture Audit

With this audit, we take a look at your site architecture to make sure the URLs are properly structured, and successfully boosting your keyword optimization.

This is pretty important since Google doesn’t like ranking sites with many 404’d pages (broken links). We sift through your site and fix these issues by either 410’ing them (telling Google we’re deleting the pages), or by using a 301 redirect if your page already has a high UR rating. In other words, if your page is doing well already, we won’t disrupt your traffic.

We also check your site’s architecture, mainly the redirects and thank you pages, so that Google Analytics can track conversions. 

Since data gathering is so vital for SEO, we like to spend about 60-90 days creating a plan to further optimize your assets based on progress. 

When we’re done with everything, you’re left with increased traffic, time spent on pages, and conversions.

Shopify Indexation Audit

With this outfit, we like to see which of your pages are indexed by Google. Many clients find this particularly tricky, since technically speaking not every page should be indexed. Otherwise, you risk diluting your overall SEO value.

That’s why we go through your site, checking over 10 page categories, to determine if anything needs to be changed.

Google Search Console Audit

This audit involves verifying that the correct URL is submitted, so no traffic or revenue get missed.

We also pour over your sitemap, eliminating problems and submitting it to Google once polished. This allows Google to crawl your site, pinpointing the pages you deemed important.

Finally, we check on the Google Search Engine Console. Proper setup is vital for things like indexing status and visibility optimization.

Google Analytics Audit

This audit begins by tracking conversions on sales, contacts, and opt-ins. It allows us to know what’s working, what might be causing bottlenecks, and what might need to be reevaluated.

We also ensure analytics are properly set up, so you can genuinely learn audience behavior, and adjust business workflows accordingly. 

Shopify Schema Markup & OG Data Audit

This is what gives search engines like Google more information about the content your site contains. It impacts your search result ranking, as well as your site authority.

We start things off by checking 10+ types of Schema in our initial audit, then conduct a deep dive depending on your site’s content. 

That includes checking your OG data ― the way your content appears when it’s shared on social media. It plays a major role in obtaining higher click-through-rates (CTRs), thanks to the images, titles, and descriptions users see.

Page Speed Optimization & Overall Design Audit

Successful websites feature rapid load times, so we take care to evaluate any design elements that could impact your overall speed. That includes image compression, which speeds up download times by 2-3x, browser caching (stored site assets on customer computers), and JS and CSS minification, for compressed website code.

Once we determine your overall speed obstacles, we look over your mobile optimization, search functions, easy navigation, and CTAs.

Shopify SEO Audit

Shopify SEO Audit Phase 2 – Benchmarking Your Valuable Pages

If your site already has Google Search Console and Analytics data, we study your top-performing pages to see what can be further optimized. 

That includes…

Bounce Rates

Visitors who navigate away after viewing a page, say by clicking the back button. 26-40% is optimal, but anything higher than 56% needs reevaluating.

Conversion Rates

The percentage of visitors who complete the desired action (CTA). The higher the conversion, the more successful your marketing strategy.

Main Keyword

Ideally, you should be trying to rank for one main keyword, using all your pages strategically to boost your overall ranking. If you aren’t doing this, you’re not using your resources effectively.

Time Spent On Page

The longer visitors linger, the higher the odds they’ll convert. It shows they’re interested in your offer, so you just need the right content to generate the conversion.

Conversions Page Produces

An in-depth look at your conversion page elements ― everything that contributes to sales. We see if anything is being outshined, and play around with combinations to determine the winning formula.

Duplicate Content

When you create duplicate content, Google clusters it and only ranks the best versions. This can wreck your rankings if you’re not careful.

URL Rating

The metric that shows how strong your backlinks are. When other sites connecting to yours are high-quality, more authority is built.

Internal Links

These are links that go from one page on a domain to a different one on the same domain. It allows visitors to navigate your entire site, which obviously spreads ranking power.

Word Count

Ranking power is all about competition. Things like word counts, images, and headers on your pages should be compared to your stiffest competition. This way, we know how well you’re ranking for the target keyword.


Step 3 – Content Research & Planning

During this step, we consider your authority rating. If it needs a boost, we target keywords within the same difficulty range as the produced content we craft for you.

This is also when you start experiencing more traffic, taking into account how often and how much content is produced for your site.

Step 4 – Marketing Strategizing & Execution

Going into 2020, we can’t think of anything more important than this step.

We start by selecting two main platforms to dominate. Then, we conduct target audience research, pinpoint where they spend the most time, and set up a traffic capture source to start collecting emails, phone numbers, or Facebook profiles. 

Autoresponders for funnels are a primary focus, so your audience stays engaged.

Then, we develop a “User-Generated Content (UGC) gameplan,” so your users create signals on your content. It helps to keep your analytics trending in the right direction.

To further help with progress, we craft monthly offers and funnel goals, a value ladder, and levels of barriers to entry based on product type and price point.

To wrap things up, we conduct monthly A/B testing on your funnels, ensuring your marketing runs smoothly and efficiently. If any issues arise, we handle it until you see the results you want.

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