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Our custom process, designed to build up your Shopify store’s foundational SEO, will give your store the upper hand it needs. Once we’re done building your game plan, we focus on producing the right content for your store, bringing in traffic with buying intent. This helps build authority on various platforms, and ensures your visitors keep coming back for more.

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24/7 Traffic Without the Unwelcome Ads


The reason most Shopify stores don’t rank well is because they fail to implement the right e-commerce SEO strategy. They can’t perform well in Google’s competitive eCommerce market. That’s why so many of them overspend on Facebook ads, only to figure out that they don’t offer consistent business.

SEO and custom-tailored marketing strategy make it possible to bring in a large percentage of traffic organically, using Google and other search engines. No advertising price tags, or budget crunches.

This Is How We Do Shopify SEO. 


Step 1 – The Foundational Audit

The first step in the chain, the foundational audit covers well over 100 of the most important factors that determine SEO ranking on Google.

It takes a few hours to complete, but once we’re done, we’ll review everything with you. From there, you can either handle the solutions yourself, or let us do the heavy lifting.

Step 2 – Benchmarking Valuable Products & Pages

If you like our audit, and want us to continue digging around, we’ll look at your Google Search Console and Google Analytics data. This tells us how well your Shopify pages and products are doing.

For instance, if one product is reaching over 5x more users than the rest of your products, we’re going to make that specific one the primary focus. We’ll tweak elements until that product is our traffic and conversion standard for the rest of your site. From there, we’ll fix all of your other assets to match it.

But what if you don’t have Google Search Console, or Google Analytics installed? No worries. We’ll install them for you and go straight to step 3.

Step 3 – Keyword & Product Research 

Every Shopify store has a niche. Stores selling customized shoes are in the custom fashion niche ― more specifically, custom shoes. 

And some niches are more competitive than others, just due to sheer popularity. The stiffer the competition is, the more effort it takes to achieve high organic rankings for desired keywords.

That’s why we begin step 3 by mapping out a variety of keyword possibilities, all based on the intent behind the search. 

For instance, searching for “buy drone with 4k camera,” signals an intention to buy a product. But searching for “best drone with 4k camera” means you’re in the awareness phase in the buying journey. You’re not ready to convert.

Once we’ve mapped out keywords for on intent for all of your products, pages, and blog posts, we look at your top 5 competitors and see what type of content is working the best for them. 

Based on the collected data and keywords, we formulate a plan to create better, higher-ranking content that beats your competition, no matter how stiff.



Step 4 – Building Relationships With Your Audience


Steps 1-3 provide all the pieces necessary for this step, which focuses purely on organic traffic and sustainable growth. 

The objective is to provide you with hundreds, if not thousands, of store visitors, collect their emails by trading them something of value, and then nurturing them. A solid content plan that caters to their needs within the buyer’s journey ensures you always have something enticing and relevant to share with them.

Once they purchase from you, they’ll want to ensure you stick around just in case they have comments, questions, or concerns in the future. They’ll be much more open to buying from your store again, if you have what they want and need.


Foundational Shopify SEO Audit

Optimize individual web pages

Enable crawlers to find subpages

Help Google identify important content

Optimize visibility

Measure and report traffic

Using code to obtain more detailed metrics

– Improve load times


Benchmark Existing Pages & Products

– Discover Top Performing Pages

– Optimize Valuable Pages First

Pinpoint assets in urgent need of optimization

– Improve Internal Link Structure

Discover pages without traffic


Keyword Research & Content Strategy

– Find Low Competition Keywords

Optimize existing products

Create content that increases organic traffic

Niche down your existing content

Create lead magnets with content


Off-Page Shopify SEO

Authority & Trust Building

It takes several factors to see traffic and conversion improvement. Optimizing your loading times isn’t enough to generate impactful results by itself.

But authority building is the most important factor that goes into SEO, without a doubt. And to get it, you absolutely need to share valuable content with the world. 

That’s why we focus on outreach strategies, to help you build relationships with customer groups from other websites and social platforms. 

Paired with all the other factors that go into SEO, you’ll sustainably grow your audience and authority.

Getting Paid

Analyzing Continuous Reports

We’ll continue to benchmark your Shopify store’s performance 30, 60, and 90 days after the initial changes have been made. You’ll receive monthly reports to stay updated on rankings and progress. Any new keywords you would rank for easily are then presented, so you can decide whether you want us to conduct further implementations to make it happen. Remember, SEO never stops if your goal is to become #1.

Staying In-Sync With The Latest 

The Bleeding Edge of SEO

Because search engine algorithms are constantly evolving, our strategies are designed with adaptability in mind. With our SEO processes, you’ll always be top-ranking, informed, and current ― regardless of any algorithm changes.

Answering Questions

Are results guaranteed?

SEO is a volatile thing. Each situation is different, and therefore, calls for a new approach. We do our absolute best to audit your site and discuss your goals during the on-boarding process, before setting conservative goals for the 30-day benchmark. 

In other words, while we don’t offer a money-back guarantee because of the countless hours spent working hands-on with you and your business, we can guarantee you’ll get expert-level SEO. We’ll do everything we can to improve your ranking.

And based on our history of happy clients, we’re confident you’ll be pleased with the results delivered.

How long until I see my website rank #1 for my desired keywords?

Again, each case is different, so it’s hard to provide one solid answer. It could happen overnight, or it could take several weeks ― even months.

However, we will have an idea of the timeline once we conduct our audit, so we’ll discuss it with you. We’ll detail the work it would take to rank in the top 3 of results, and leave it up to you whether we should optimize accordingly or not.

We will mention, however, that the improved level of business matters more than the amount of keywords you rank for. When you achieve a steady increase in your email list, more content engagement, and of course, revenue, then you’re on track toward sustainable growth.

In other words, ranking #1 is an option, up to you. But regardless of what you choose to do, we’ll ensure your business makes a mark, so that the rankings come naturally.


Does any of this involve shady tactics?

Absolutely not. Our SEO strategies are expert-level and legal according to Google’s terms and conditions. In fact, the SEO strategies we use are encouraged for all businesses, it’s just that most do not put in the time and effort to achieve results.

Many companies opt for cheaper, lower-quality SEO agencies that overcharge for cookie cutter SEO tactics and minimal backlinks, which generate poor results. These companies often employ shady strategies, negatively impacting their clients.

Do you only work with Shopify sites?

Yes, we’re specialists. Rather than overextending ourselves throughout the market, and becoming generalists, we pride ourselves in mastering SEO for one and only one platform.


Learn All the Valuable SEO Skills You Need

When you work directly with us, you get a first-hand look at expert SEO strategy secrets. We’ll show you exactly what we do on your website, so you can implement your own SEO in the future.

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