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Site Structure Optimization For Shopify

Your Shopify Site Structure tells Google which of your pages are the most valuable in terms of content and intention. This means if you want to rank highly for several keywords, your site structure needs to be properly built. Shaky structures won’t perform well once your website begins to scale. 

Our foundational audit reveals any weak spots and helps us optimize your Shopify Site Structure to ensure your valuable pages rank.

The Importance of Shopify Site Structure

When Google crawls your website, it tries to understand the value of your content. Googlebot, their crawler, determines the relationship between all of your pages, making it easy to pinpoint the information worthy of ranking.

That means if your site structure is lacking, Googlebot won’t be able to find anything of importance, making it think your site as a whole isn’t worth ranking high.

In other words, without proper site structure, your chances of meeting your SEO goals is minimal.

What’s Shopify Internal Linking?

Think of internal linking as the act of linking two of your pages to each other. Maybe your About page links out to your blog, for example. It might seem simple, but internal linking is actually considered a part of the overall structure, making it one of the most important things you could do for crawlers.

That’s why we make it our mission to conduct a thorough analysis of the content on your website, and formulate a good internal link structure. This assigns priority to your most valuable pieces of content, making them easier to find and rank.

Getting Started With Site Structure

Before we begin working on your site, we conduct a thorough analysis of your Shopify site using a tool called ScreamingFrog. Despite its funny name, it’s actually a very useful tool that simulates a real Google crawl on your website, allowing us to see the current state of your SEO and site structure.

In other words, we assess what it is you have now, so we can determine what to focus on. 

Although every niche varies and therefore requires a different site structure, we have a go-to approach to handle the otherwise uncertain nature of site structure. We’ll conduct a comprehensive analysis of your competitors’ sites to see what kind of site structure Google is ranking in your niche. 

By the time we’re done fixing your structure issues, you’ll be seeing a vast improvement in your metrics. Over time, you might grow significantly, ranking higher than ever before. Shopify store potential is unlimited.

The Fixing Process

If we determine that your site structure is seriously flawed, we repair the problems by implementing some, or all of the following…

Removing Unnecessary Content

The most important pages on your site should be indexed ― that’s it. Anything more than that muddles your content, making Google think of your site as a whole as unimportant. Any old, or irrelevant content should be deleted or redirected to new content or products.

Improving Internal Linking

Having a powerful link structure ensures your customers and Google understand which products and posts are of high value.

Proper Categorization

The ticket to balanced content and SEO success is having an evenly distributed amount of content and products across a few categories. 

Bad Site Structure Is Bad for SEO & Your Users

Poor site structure on your Shopify site means customers have a harder time finding valuable content. That’s why we analyze your current standing and compare that to the top-ranking site structures within your niche. Despite the fact that there is no one-size-fits-all layout when it comes to site structure, or SEO as a whole, we make it our mission to figure out which one will work best for your specific store.

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